configuration configuration configuration . . . . . . .

Sunday. Rainy Linz weather. Summer was a Tuesday. Now it will be like this until a pseudo “Indian summer” or Altweiber (old lady) Sommer in October.

But do we care? No! We have about three dozen Skeinforge parameters to tweak and twiddle, options of rafts, things like “extrusion width over thickness” to decipher and a whole row of experimental sculpture objects to produce that should be recognisable objects like cubes, gears or some other regular polyhedra. All praise Plato.

In all fairness our two 20mm cubes were pretty cubelike. At least the ones that did not die in the middle of extrusion. But the 10mm cubes are somehow Dali meets Kepler and the attempted gears yesterday were more like a melting tower of Babel.


Today things are not really any better.

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