Run CNC is a metal RepStrap machine. This means that it is a three dimensional printer (Rap = Rapid Prototyper), based upon the RepRap system, but without the capacity to replicate (Rep) inself. Thus it is a “BootStrap” machine.  Similarly to the MakerBot printer, the body of RunCNC is build from laser cut surfaces, only in our case they are 2mm steel.

RunCNC is being built by three people, CH, CM and TB, in Linz, Austria. As far as we know there are two other 3D printer projects around, one Mendel being built in the Industrial Design workshops of the Arts University, the other at the Interface Cultures group, also at the Arts University. Our interests in building this vary. From the simplicity of making it work, to the abstractness of investigating the possibilities of such machines in the context of New Work New Culture, via desires to build a giant CNC milling machine for wood: there are many more motivations.

This Blog is an ongoing, vaguely coherent log of what we do, how things work, experiments we try, hopes and dreams and realisations.

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