Modern tools for old crafts

Build for today is a tool that is rarely seen: a netting needle. A special device for holding a longer length of twine on a bobbin/shuttle type device for making nets by hand. This is an improvement upon an older needle, which was too thin and flexible.

The needle. The gap on the left is where the line is spooled on the needle, stretched between here and the curved part at the rear (right on the image).

There are probably a million netting needle instructions online, this one looks nice. I also like the images from the lovely book from Hervey Garrett Smith.

Lovely graphics.

His book is funny in ways that I am not sure they were intended: from the frontispiece of the author onwards it is a lively read. But that is not the topic here. Tools for making tools is. So how to make the tool? the STL file is on thingiverse, we look forward to hearing about some duplicates, adaptions and mad netting made with it!

Some test netting that was made with too-thick cordage. But it seems to work!


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