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Time = Computers

An old saying, credited to Paul Erdős, is that “a mathematician is a machine that turns coffee into theorems.” Although I have heard other people being credited with it as well. One of the well-known versions of this is that … Continue reading

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New Towers falling over

The benefit of being far away is that one received wonderful emails about what is going on back at home: — Der Drucker druckt wieder. CM hat gestern den Y-Riehmen gewechselt und sich wieder über den Konstrukteur geärgert. Ich hab … Continue reading

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Modern tools for old crafts

Build for today is a tool that is rarely seen: a netting needle. A special device for holding a longer length of twine on a bobbin/shuttle type device for making nets by hand. This is an improvement upon an older … Continue reading

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Voronoi code

A small update to yesterday’s post: We are using pcb2gcode instead of visolate, which was giving offset problems between the copper traces and the drillholes. pcb2gcode does it in one go, while visolate seems to need an extra step. As … Continue reading

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PCB aesthetics

I think this proves beyond all doubt (was there ever any doubt?) that I am overgeeked. CH sent me some images the other day while I was in foreign lands showing some PCBs he had made. YOWZA! What I really … Continue reading

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‘aesen, ‘aesen, ‘aesen!

CM is getting excited. Like all fathers he is becoming his child. “Essen essen essen” (“food food food”) seems to be his son’s favourite occupation this week, so CM’s response as he arrives in the workshop is “Fraesen, fraesen, fraesen!” … Continue reading

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configuration configuration configuration . . . . . . .

Sunday. Rainy Linz weather. Summer was a Tuesday. Now it will be like this until a pseudo “Indian summer” or Altweiber (old lady) Sommer in October. But do we care? No! We have about three dozen Skeinforge parameters to tweak … Continue reading

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